40 people who took an idea to the wacky level

11. Couple’s Toilet

Couples that use the bathroom together stay together. It’s a very wise saying. We think that every family should have one of these setups installed in the home.

12. Searching For My Princess

Guys who are looking to get a leg up on the competition can take a page out of this man’s book. He put on a crazy horse costume before he hit the streets. We wonder if he got the digits?

13. Caution: Oversized Load

Most people use pickup trucks to move big items and machinery across town. Although, sometimes you have to make do with the vehicle that you have on hand, even if that vehicle is just a small motorcycle…

14. North, South, East, & West

We aren’t geographers here, but somehow, these pillows just don’t seem right. If you tried to navigate using their directions, you would end up on the complete opposite side of the world, or even worse — completely lost.

15. War Relics

When your neighbors have items like these laying in their yard, you know you live in a rough area. Or in other words, you live in a war zone. How else can these abandoned explosives be explained?

16. Snowy Driving Conditions

Scraping snow off your car in the morning in the winter can be a pain. Although, as long as you get the windows cleared, you should be good to go. All of the snow on the roof typically falls off while driving…

17. Goofy Politician

The image on the outside of this bus was really well done. There was just one minor issue. Once the window gets cracked open, it totally changes up the facial proportions

18. Surprise Drop-off

If you go driving through this field, you need to have your wits about you. Otherwise, you could end up plummeting down the random hole in the middle of it. The real question, though, is where does it go?

19. New Sleeping Arrangements

It looks like someone must have had a fight with their significant other. The poor guy was kicked out of his apartment and had to spend the night sleeping in the stairwell. It’s even worse than being forced to sleep on the couch!

20. Big Forehead

It sounded like a great idea to get a t-shirt made with a political figure on it. The image turned out highly realistic. However, after the t-shirt was stretched to fit the woman’s body shape, it began to look a little bit different.

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