50 people share their hilariously entertaining beach fails

When Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter fans to share their funniest, most awkward beach moments, one hilarious tweet after another kept rolling in.

“It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #BeachFail and then tell us about a funny or weird thing that happened to you at the beach. Could be on the show!”

Just to show that I’m totally on board with Jimmy’s Hashtags game, let’s get this party started with my own #BeachFail.

When I was 13, I wore what I thought was just a conservative, one-piece swimsuit to the beach. After going for a dip in the ocean, a friend took me aside and informed me that the plain white fabric was now totally see-through!

Are you ready to see 50 more funniest beach fails of all time? Then keep clicking through this slideshow!

Jimmy Fallon’s Beach Fail

Jimmy got the beach ball rolling on his #BeachFail challenge by describing his own little hiccup at the beach. James Bond would not be proud.

Blob Of Barf

After a literal wave of nausea overcame Miss Amanda’s husband, he hurled his load into the sea. Too bad the girl in the white bikini never knew what was coming her way!

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