60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

11. A little greedy

We see what this person did. They made it look as though they accidentally cut the pizza wrong. In reality, this was done so they could have a bigger piece. Just admit it.

12. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Okay, so you wouldn’t necessarily call a kid a monster. After all, they had to learn this from someone, right? That person is the real monster.

13. Ample supply

One man’s wife has an issue. Instead of using all the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash before buying new products, she keeps stocking up. Even worse, she then uses the new stuff, which means almost empty containers keep piling up.

14. Safer to eat out

Considering this is how one roommate stores food in the cabinet, it’s probably safer for the other one to go out to eat. The dirtiness is bad enough. But then when you add in that potato, things get even scarier.

15. Nice try, honey

You have to give this husband credit for trying to help. But there’s a problem. He doesn’t realize that not all pasta is the same.

16. That’ll make you gag

When a toothbrush looks like this, it’s time to buy a new one. That thing probably doesn’t work very well. And can imagine all the nasty germs?

17. It’s war

Leaving an empty carton of ice cream in the freezer is enough to start a major battle. Who in the world would do this? Especially when it’s Moose Tracks.

18. The guessing game

This is what one wife does with the empty eggshells. Now comes the fun part. The husband always has to guess if there are any eggs in the house.

19. So discourteous

When eating cereal, one man always leaves a few pieces in his bowl. He then dumps them out into the sink. What makes him a monster is that he expects his girlfriend to clean them up.

20. Gotta go

Well, look at that. A roommate was nice enough to make a wonderful pasta dish for dinner. But then, he went on vacation the next morning and left this behind only for another roommate to discover it days later

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