60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

21. Three feet

That’s the distance between the dirty clothes on the floor and the hamper. Talk about a complete lack of respect. Perhaps this wife should go on a laundry strike

22. What happened to Tupperware?

After cooking, one guy puts the leftovers in the refrigerator. But instead of using food containers, he leaves everything in the pans. The problem…these are the only two pans this couple owns.

23. Two sides

Few things are more frustrating than having a roommate who lives like a slob. Sharing a bedroom only makes the situation worse. This is the result.

24. She has some explaining to do

KitKat bars are made so you can snap off a piece with ease. But one wife does things a little differently. Her way really gets on the husband’s nerves.

25. Moist in the center

When it comes to brownies, some people like the crunchy texture in the outside pieces. Others love the moist, chewy center. Can you guess which one this person preferred?

26. The twist

This has nothing to do with dancing. Rather, one wife struggles to correctly twist the lids on milk and juice. Not only can that alter the flavor but also make the product go bad prematurely.

27. Time to grow up

It’s time for this husband to grow up and take responsibility for things in life. Like opening the bread. You’ve got to be kidding.

28. Ketchup addiction

Yep, she’s going to get every last drop. What we can’t figure out is why she doesn’t empty one bottle before buying like 10 more. She definitely has an addiction to ketchup.

29. Self-entitled

There’s no way this person doesn’t know how to put toilet paper in the holder. You learn at age two. Here’s another example of a monster who thinks it’s someone else’s responsibility to get it right.

30. Tided up

An individual asked their roommate to tidy up the shoes by the front door. So, they did. Unfortunately, they’re not very good at matching.

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