60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

41. Wrong ply

This wife’s decision definitely makes her a monster. For the first time, she bought toilet paper. But she came home with one-ply.

42. Tasty combination

One lady likes to set candy out for visitors. The combination of fruit and mint jelly beans isn’t bad. But why in the world does she add peanut butter eggs to the mix?

43. New generation eating

It seems as though this is the way the younger generation eats pizza. It’s a good thing the person who did this was the son of the homeowner. Otherwise, he’d get booted out.

44. No waste

One husband refuses to throw away empty toilet paper holders, among other things. Perhaps he wants to recycle them. Or he might have an idea for a craft project. Who knows?

45. There’s always that one

In this case, it’s the wife. Sure, she could open the cereal the right way. But what fun would that be?

48. There’s an easy fix

For anyone who deals with this, here’s a piece of advice. Push the two tabs on the end of the tin foil package inward. Problem solved.

49. How nice

Yes, it’s great that the husband took the trash out. It’s not so great that he didn’t put in a new liner. Don’t worry, the wife will take care of it

50. The best part

Come on, everyone knows the gooey center of Oreo cookies is the best part. Well, it seems that one person prefers the crunchy wafer. You’d at least think they’d hide the evidence.

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