60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

51. Uh oh

Someone’s in big trouble. This might require marriage counseling. Note to husbands…never use your wife’s favorite knives for gardening.

52. Uncovering the truth

For anyone who wants to see how well their significant other handles household chores, just get sick. Four days in bed and they’ll get an answer. It just might not be the answer wanted.

53. Not cool

If you moved in with someone who stored your DVDs like this, you probably wouldn’t be too happy. Especially if they’re your favorite ones. That’s a surefire way to scratch them and get into a fight.

54. It’s the little things

When couples argue, it’s usually over small stuff. You know, like not wrapping the cheese properly before putting it back in the refrigerator. This is infuriating.

55. Bad habits

Everyone has at least one bad habit. For this woman, it’s opening new bottles of water without finishing the one she was drinking. Her boyfriend thinks she’s a monster.

56. Speaking of bad habits

Here’s one that’ll drive you nuts (pun intended). There’s nothing like snacking on pistachios. But reaching into the bowl only to find shells… that’s totally uncalled for.

57. Learning the basics

When raising kids, it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach them things such as when to use certain utensils. It seems as though this wife didn’t learn very well. Even with her husband reminding her to use a spoon for ice cream, she still goes straight for a fork.

58. Why, just why?

The person who did this seems lazy. Then again, they might have a vendetta toward their significant other. Regardless, that’s going to make a huge mess.

59. Another collector

What’s up with all these water bottle collectors? They should focus on something that enhances the home. You know, like a figurine collection.

60. Frugal living

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save food. But some things just aren’t worth salvaging. As an example, half of a banana.

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